FISMACS FAIR(tm) Compliant Model

Welcome to the FISMACS FAIR™ Compliant Model training course. This model complies with the FAIR™ standard. The FAIR™ standard is the only international standard for quantifying cyber risk with financial impacts. The FAIR™ standard is managed by the Open Group. Standard documents are available hereThe FAIR™ standard is a prescribed process and calculations quantifying cyber risk in terms of financial impact.

The course includes a fully functional model ready to download and use immediately at no additional charge. A series of training videos explaining exactly how to use each module in the model. You'll also get a manual for quick reference, and a separate workbook of sample scenarios to practice what you learn.

Our model is an Excel workbook so it’s easy to use and understand. It includes all the modules prescribed by the FAIR™ standard.

Here is a look at the sequence of modules in the FAIR™ standard. The model includes each of these modules and allows you to calculate risk at every step in the process.

Who should take this course? Analysts, system managers, stakeholders, and even CISO and CIOs. Anyone responsible for managing cyber risk will benefit from this course because they will learn how to quantify risk in financial terms.

Do I need to know advanced math? No. The model handles all the mathematics for you. You provide estimates of weakness, the likelihood of the weakness being leveraged by a threat actor, and financial estimates. Estimates are simple ranges and the course teaches you how to develop these ranges.

How does the model work? The model takes your estimate ranges as input and performs the calculates in compliance with the FAIR™ standard, generates graphical charts representing the probability at each step, and produces the final summation of the analysis.

At the completion of this course, you'll also receive a certification of completion for 2 CPEs.

The full course outline is available below along. We've also given you access to some of the learning modules so you can see exactly what the course material is like before you purchase.